Mixing work and play

Mixing work and play

A few months ago now Renee and I were asked to take some staff photos for a local accounting firm in Canberra – The Firm. However, these were no ordinary office-based staff photos. Instead, each staff member was to be photographed according to their hobby or past-time. There were 11 different shoots on the one ... Read More »

An image of myself (Feb 2011)

I hate having my picture taken – I feel so naked; so exposed; so vulnerable. More so, I hate editing pictures of myself – the crooked nose; the wrinkles; the blemishes; the pimples. Ugh – there is so much to be critical of. So much to dislike. Yet, in honour and thanks to those who ... Read More »

High-key with the Lastolite Hilite

High-key with the Lastolite Hilite

A week or so ago I posted about our new Lastolite Hilite Background. I mentioned that although it was originally designed for high-key portraits (with pure white backgrounds) we were unlikely to make much use of it in its conventional form. However, after some playing around in the studio this afternoon I want to eat ... Read More »

Wiggle worm (Feb 2011)

Photographing BJ requires much planning. Two year olds barely sit still as it is, let alone when you ask them or want them to. This weekend we were lucky enough to entertain RP’s father and partner who travelled down from Sydney for an overnight visit. They arrived on Saturday morning and stayed till well into ... Read More »

Four months new (Jan 2011)

Ok, so AJ is not quite four months old anymore – more like four and a half to be precise. Still, young enough to get what he wants when he wants it and old enough to reward you with a little giggle and quirky smile. Luv my boys! Read More »

mirabile visu (May 1st)

I’ve decided to start a dedicated series of blog posts called “Word Play”, and there is no better day to start than today – Mother’s Day. The basic idea is to connect a specific word or phrase with an image so as to elicit an emotion in you, the viewer. The aim of ‘Word play’ ... Read More »

Oriental lillies (March 16th)

Oriental lillies are one of my favourite flowers – not only because they are beautiful and smell gorgeous, but because they are the flower that seems to keep on giving. Their many flower buds bloom over many days and a good bunch can last a week or more. So, while in the garage the other ... Read More »

Gold Creek Formal – Take 2 (March 18th)

Finally it’s my turn (RP) to blog about some very special photos. You might remember JP posting some pics here of my friend’s daughter’s school formal. Well here are a few more from that special night. Before landing my favoutite job in the whole world (being a stay at home mummy to the most beautiful ... Read More »

Kooyou (March 13th)

In the year 2000, whilst Sydney was enjoying the Olympic Games, I was in Japan studying Japanese at the Kansai Gaidai University. I have some wonderful memories of my stay in Kyoto: the food, the people, the history and the culture. But most of all, I remember the kindness and hospitality of my host family ... Read More »

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