Day 5 of Birthday Week (December 29th)

Nearing the end our our three night jaunt in Melbourne and BJ was starting to feel a little better. Fortunately (for all of us) he was finally retuning to the bright and cheerful baby we so adore. On our last night, we decided to walk down Bridge Street towards Richmond in the hopes of finding ... Read More »

The flashest thing in Belconnen (August 23rd)

Well, as you’ll see, I’m still learning the ins and outs of flash and so this weekend is another of my attempts at the strobist assignments. It just so happens that this week was (at least in my opinion) the most difficult of all because it required balancing the flash with the ambient light to ... Read More »

Stealing Magnolias (August 8th)

With not much else to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, RP, BJ and I decided to take a drive. We weren’t quite sure where we were going, but had decided to work off all the bad food our friend Kir made us eat on Friday and Saturday night! mmmMMmm Magnum. Anyway, we ended up ... Read More »

Winter Weekends (July 12th)

Winters in Canberra can be pretty damn cold, but sometimes (just sometimes) we get these brilliantly sunny afternoons that remind you just what summer was (and will be). Last Sunday was one of those days and so we ventured to one of my favourite parts of the ACT – the grounds of the Australian National ... Read More »

Yass (July 18th)

July 18 has special meaning to us for a number of reasons. First, it is the anniversary of my grandmothers passing. Great Nanna P was such a special person with such a big heart. Oh how we miss her. Second, it is the birthday of our dog Zac, who this year turned 8. He is ... Read More »