An image of myself (Feb 2011)

I hate having my picture taken – I feel so naked; so exposed; so vulnerable. More so, I hate editing pictures of myself – the crooked nose; the wrinkles; the blemishes; the pimples. Ugh – there is so much to be critical of. So much to dislike. Yet, in honour and thanks to those who ... Read More »

Stealing Magnolias (August 8th)

With not much else to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, RP, BJ and I decided to take a drive. We weren’t quite sure where we were going, but had decided to work off all the bad food our friend Kir made us eat on Friday and Saturday night! mmmMMmm Magnum. Anyway, we ended up ... Read More »

Winter Weekends (July 12th)

Winters in Canberra can be pretty damn cold, but sometimes (just sometimes) we get these brilliantly sunny afternoons that remind you just what summer was (and will be). Last Sunday was one of those days and so we ventured to one of my favourite parts of the ACT – the grounds of the Australian National ... Read More »