Wiggle worm (Feb 2011)

Photographing BJ requires much planning. Two year olds barely sit still as it is, let alone when you ask them or want them to. This weekend we were lucky enough to entertain RP’s father and partner who travelled down from Sydney for an overnight visit. They arrived on Saturday morning and stayed till well into ... Read More »

Four months new (Jan 2011)

Ok, so AJ is not quite four months old anymore – more like four and a half to be precise. Still, young enough to get what he wants when he wants it and old enough to reward you with a little giggle and quirky smile. Luv my boys! Read More »

Turning two (Jan 2011)

It’s hard sometimes, sifting through all the digital negatives from a shoot and trying to pick the small few that accurately convey the atmosphere as it was when you were shooting. Sometimes there are lots to chose from; sometimes there are hardly any. But almost always it is difficult to chose between them. Not so ... Read More »

Bradley (April 3rd)

Was just going through my photo folders when I came across these other cute photos of BJ – taken down by the lake over the Easter long weekend. I thought you might enjoy. Read More »

I hate hoodies (April 3rd)

This post requires no further explanation – except to say that the picture was taken whilst picnicing down by the lake with our friends over the Easter long weekend. It was getting a little cold (ugh, the onset of winter) and we thought it best to keep him warm by putting on his hoodie. The ... Read More »

Kooyou (March 13th)

In the year 2000, whilst Sydney was enjoying the Olympic Games, I was in Japan studying Japanese at the Kansai Gaidai University. I have some wonderful memories of my stay in Kyoto: the food, the people, the history and the culture. But most of all, I remember the kindness and hospitality of my host family ... Read More »

Day 7 of Birthday Week (January 2nd)

Day 7 was the final day of BJ’s first birthday week. It was the day RP’s Mum and step-dad came to visit from Port Macquarie. They brought with them lots of wonderful presents for BJ, including a special ride-on tricycle, which BJ just loves to ride on (even though his feet cannot yet reach the ... Read More »

Day 6 of Birthday Week (December 31st)

Day 6 of BJ’s birthday week was BJ’s actual birthday – December 31st. We’d been working up to this day for so many weeks that it hardly seemed real when it finally arrived. Today was the day our BJ turned one. Today was the day that marked the end of our first year as a ... Read More »

Day 5 of Birthday Week (December 29th)

Nearing the end our our three night jaunt in Melbourne and BJ was starting to feel a little better. Fortunately (for all of us) he was finally retuning to the bright and cheerful baby we so adore. On our last night, we decided to walk down Bridge Street towards Richmond in the hopes of finding ... Read More »

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