At illumin8me photography, we pride ourselves in creating first-class images that make our clients smile; ones they will cherish for a lifetime. To do this, we use some of the most up-to-date professional photography and lighting equipment and employ some of the best techniques in digital image processing. Our clients, old and new, are forever amazed at just how much work goes into creating every single illumin8me image.

Our goal is simple – to make you smile too.

Studio session fees start at $200. On location fees start at $250. Session fees are priced to include our experience and expertise for a 1-2 hour shooting time using our professional photography and studio equipment. All shoots are featured as a “sneak peek” on our illumin8me blog and include a selection of up to five edited images from your shoot (unless otherwise advised).

Personal makeup and hair styling can be arranged for an additional fee, starting at $50 per person.

High-resolution digital images are sold in bundles and come with a FREE set of printed proofs. These are a cost effective option for people looking to print multiple copies of the same image for personal (non-commercial) use.

Packages start at $200 (5 images), $300 (10 images), $400 (20 images). Copyright of all digital images rests with illumin8me photography. License to print for commercial purposes are subject to negotiation.

Prints start from $20. Wall prints start from $150. Canvas prints start from $250.

Everyone knows that word of mouth is the best form of advertising and social media websites like Facebook are a great tool for connecting with past and future clients. Here at illumin8me photography, we want to reward you for helping us to spread the word, which is why we’re offering a $5 studio or on-location session discount for every new person who, as a result of your recomendation, follows us and interacts on our Facebook page. The more people you encourage to join our page, the greater your discount will be; get 40 new people to follow us and your entire studio session could be FREE.

Here’s how it works. Within a few days of your illumin8me photography session we will upload to our Facebook page a “sneak peek” of one low resolution image from your shoot. To be counted as “new likers” for the purposes of calculating your discount, the people who you encourage to follow us will first need to “like” our page AND THEN comment on the photo we posted saying “I’m [name] and [your name] sent me here to see this gorgeous photo”. After three days (72 hours from first posting) we will count the number of new followers and this will be the number used to calculate your discount.

Of course, like with all things, there are some conditions. First, the discount applies to the session fee only and cannot be creditied towards digital or print image purchases. Second, only NEW Facebook followers will be counted. This means that people who are already following us cannot be counted, even if they unfollow and then re-follow. A list of current likers is captured every night and new fans will be cross-checked against this list. Third, you cannot use Facebook to directly request that people “like” illumin8me photography because you are hoping for a discount. Unfortunately, Facebook has strict rules about “promoting” the use of incentives to gather more likers to a business page and so announcing the discount on your Facebook wall will void your eligibility. Instead, email your friends or simply tell people to like illumin8me photography because our photography is great.

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