Attention Gym Junkies?

So let me guess, the last few months, if not years, have been dedicated to perfecting your physical fitness.  Its been hours in the gym, a load of sweat and, no doubt, more protein shakes than you care to remember. Let’s face it – you’ve worked your a$$ off and now it is time to make the most of it!

illumin8me studios is a local photography and imaging business based in the here in the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra). We have worked extensively with local fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists and some of the best local modelling talent Canberra has to offer.  At the moment, we’re looking to branch out and expand our portfolio into the fitness fitness photography sector, but to do this, we need some practice. So, for a limited time, we’re offering a suite of FREE studio and location photography sessions while we build up our portfolio.

By now you’re probably wondering what the catch is, right? Well there is none. Free portfolio-building photo shoots are common in the photographic industry – particularly here in Canberra.  Photographers like myself are forever trying to develop our work in areas we’ve not previously ventured.  Much of the fashion and beauty photography here in Canberra for example, is done for free – usually by agreement between the photographer and model that the end product is mututally beneficial to both parties’ portfolios.  In my case, fitness fanatics are not easy to come by so I’ve turned to Facebook to find some willing participants.  We ask only for your permission to use the resulting images on our website and promotional material, but in return you get a free set of digital images to make prints or to post on Facebook.

So, send us an email at to start the conversation. Otherwise, click to ‘like’ our page and stay in touch with us and our work.


Even if you’re not at your peak right now, or maybe you’re just not ready to pose for a photograher, don’t worry, “like” our page to stay in touch and feel free to pass this offer to someone you think might also be interested.


All the best,

Jason and Renee

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