Sneak peek: Till death do us part

Recently, some friends of ours got engaged whilst overseas on a holiday and upon their return I was pondering an engagment gift when I thought “what could be better than their very own illumin8me engagement photo-shoot!!!” Today was the day. The studio primed for these two new lovebirds and well – love was in the ... Read More »

Daddy cool?

Ok, so perhaps not “cool” – just swarve and sophisticated with a hint of “international man of mystery”…. hahaha…. ok, so not that either. Read More »

Almost Monday

Sunday night heralds the end of what is almost always a wonderful weekend. Yet it also reminds us that Monday is just around the corner. Read More »

Claire Bear

Here are some more photos from our “Long” weekend – this time, little Claire (or Claire-Bear as we like to call her) was front and centre in the studio. She was such a good little model, only needing two lolly snakes to coax her into position. Once there though, the cuteness just flowed and little ... Read More »

Sneak Peek: A lovely “Long” weekend

No-one dare complain about a long weekend, not even the Queen’s Birthday long weekend despite it being in June with below zero temperatures and a wind chill factor of -5 degree C. Not even when the night before our weekend visitors are due to arrive, our airconditioning dies and we’re left with three small oil ... Read More »

Sneak Peek: Three weeks new

A few weeks ago we were delighted to photograph THE most gorgeous newborn baby girl. From the moment Laura and Brett arrived at our home-based studio, the pride and love for their daughter absolutely radiated. Both parents were so gentle, caring and loving towards their baby girl, and I must say so natural and calm. ... Read More »

Lost in love in the woods

This weekend past was pretty damn miserable – it rained on Saturday and was blisteringly cold on Sunday. Though, that didn’t stop us getting out there and capturing perhaps one of the warmest and most loving photoshoots that illumin8me has had so far. Read More »

Nearing nine months

Its been a little while since we’ve posted pictures of AJ. In fact, I think the last time was when he was six months old. A lot has happened since then, though perhaps the most troubling is that he is now up on all fours and crawling around, which means no longer can we leave ... Read More »

Self portrait

Time for some more studio testing – which, of course, means it’s self portrait time again!!! Sorry to have to do this to you all… Read More »

Star gazing at Stromlo

This Mother’s Day, BJ, AJ and I wanted to do something special for RP. We wanted to spoil her for being such a wonderful mum. I knew she didn’t have any nice photos, nor have anyone who could take them for her and so I thought it’d be nice to get her all glam’d up, ... Read More »

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