Sneak peek: Business and glam <3

Recently I was asked to take some business photos for the lovely Kate, who is in the process of starting up her fabulous online business. Thrilled by the opportunity to work with such a smart, confident and gorgeous lady, I jumped right in and captured her in a range of looks and styles. Not only ... Read More »

Sneak peek: A family affair

Today was a big day for us here at illumin8me photography – for two reasons. First, it was our first ever back-to-back studio and outdoor shoot with the same family; and second, because BJ found a bottle of olive oil and decided that it’d make for a nice addition to the lounge room carpet. Just ... Read More »

Sneak peek: Four girls and lots of love

A few weeks back now Renee and I had scheduled a very exciting photo session – a special outdoor family shoot with Kate, Kane and their four little girls. What was so special about the planned shoot was that two of the little girls were still sitting snugly inside mum away from the winter cold. ... Read More »

Almost Monday

Sunday night heralds the end of what is almost always a wonderful weekend. Yet it also reminds us that Monday is just around the corner. Read More »

Sneak Peek: Three weeks new

A few weeks ago we were delighted to photograph THE most gorgeous newborn baby girl. From the moment Laura and Brett arrived at our home-based studio, the pride and love for their daughter absolutely radiated. Both parents were so gentle, caring and loving towards their baby girl, and I must say so natural and calm. ... Read More »

Lost in love in the woods

This weekend past was pretty damn miserable – it rained on Saturday and was blisteringly cold on Sunday. Though, that didn’t stop us getting out there and capturing perhaps one of the warmest and most loving photoshoots that illumin8me has had so far. Read More »

My Apprenticeship – <3 Renee

As some of you may be aware, Jason has been teaching me the “in’s and out’s” of becomming the second photographer for illumin8me photography. I knew it would involve alot of work, but I didnt realise it would involve so much brain power (my brain has been in a haze for over two years now; ... Read More »

Nearing nine months

Its been a little while since we’ve posted pictures of AJ. In fact, I think the last time was when he was six months old. A lot has happened since then, though perhaps the most troubling is that he is now up on all fours and crawling around, which means no longer can we leave ... Read More »

Another Self Portrait

I’ve not had many offers since my last call for models – except perhaps from one friend keen to get his kit off for a personalised boudoir session (ewwww Anth). So, for now, you’re stuck with looking at my ugly mug for a little while longer. Read More »

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