Give me your best angles

A weeks or so ago we posted a sneak peek of some pictures from an engagement shoot we had here at the illumin8me studio! I picked those pictures mainly because they were all from the same lighting set up and had the same “look”. But that wasn’t the only set up we had going on ... Read More »

Sneak peek: loving life and each other

Photography is the perfect present. It’s the kind of gift that people would not normally buy for themselves, but one they truly appreciate when at last they have some nice pictures of themselves to hang on their wall (or post on their Facebook wall!). It is also the kind of gift that keeps on giving ... Read More »

Sneak peek: Business and glam <3

Recently I was asked to take some business photos for the lovely Kate, who is in the process of starting up her fabulous online business. Thrilled by the opportunity to work with such a smart, confident and gorgeous lady, I jumped right in and captured her in a range of looks and styles. Not only ... Read More »

Sneak peek: A family affair

Today was a big day for us here at illumin8me photography – for two reasons. First, it was our first ever back-to-back studio and outdoor shoot with the same family; and second, because BJ found a bottle of olive oil and decided that it’d make for a nice addition to the lounge room carpet. Just ... Read More »

Sneak peek: Till death do us part

Recently, some friends of ours got engaged whilst overseas on a holiday and upon their return I was pondering an engagment gift when I thought “what could be better than their very own illumin8me engagement photo-shoot!!!” Today was the day. The studio primed for these two new lovebirds and well – love was in the ... Read More »

Lastolite Hilite becomes two softboxes

Recently we purchased the Lastolie Hilite (2.1×1.8m) for use in the studio, though we plan on using it for everything other than that which it was designed. Sure, there will come a time when we want to do high-key portraiture, but it’ll never be a key feature of our business. Instead, the Lastolite Hilite is ... Read More »

Daddy cool?

Ok, so perhaps not “cool” – just swarve and sophisticated with a hint of “international man of mystery”…. hahaha…. ok, so not that either. Read More »

My apprenticeship: winter sunshine

A couple of weeks ago I had my first outdoor “apprentice” photo shoot lesson. We could not have picked a nicer or more beautiful Winter’s day! We drove out to a special location just outside of Canberra and got to work. Instantly my beautiful red-headed model sprung to life and bounced around with big smiles ... Read More »

My apprenticeship: mum’s babies

When I received an email from Vashti asking me to take photos of her ‘babies’, immediately I pictured a toddler and newborn. Instead to my delight Vashti’s babies were not quite so young; her daughter being 17 and her son 12. Meeting this lovely family, I was greeted with the most beautiful smiles and bubbly ... Read More »

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