Sneak peek: Till death do us part

Recently, some friends of ours got engaged whilst overseas on a holiday and upon their return I was pondering an engagment gift when I thought “what could be better than their very own illumin8me engagement photo-shoot!!!” Today was the day. The studio primed for these two new lovebirds and well – love was in the ... Read More »

More from our “Long” weekend

So excited I was about this series of images that I couldn’t help but post a sneak peek last Sunday – and that was before I’d even edited them all. Here are the rest of the images of the beautiful Danielle – whose patience and willingness to experiment made for a fabulous shoot! Read More »

Sneak Peek: A lovely “Long” weekend

No-one dare complain about a long weekend, not even the Queen’s Birthday long weekend despite it being in June with below zero temperatures and a wind chill factor of -5 degree C. Not even when the night before our weekend visitors are due to arrive, our airconditioning dies and we’re left with three small oil ... Read More »

54,300 meters in 24 hours (May 2nd)

I’d be willing to bet that lane 5 of the Australian Institute of Sport’s indoor Olympic pool is empty at 2am most days of the week. In fact, I’d be willing to wager an even heftier bet that of all the days of the week, Sunday is the least likely to enjoy the company of ... Read More »

Bradley (April 3rd)

Was just going through my photo folders when I came across these other cute photos of BJ – taken down by the lake over the Easter long weekend. I thought you might enjoy. Read More »

I hate hoodies (April 3rd)

This post requires no further explanation – except to say that the picture was taken whilst picnicing down by the lake with our friends over the Easter long weekend. It was getting a little cold (ugh, the onset of winter) and we thought it best to keep him warm by putting on his hoodie. The ... Read More »

Good Friday + Good Friends = Great Easter weekend (April 3rd)

Every Easter we play host to our good friends DL, AL and their beautiful one (and a bit) year old daughter CL. It has become a yearly tradition; one that RP and I very much look forward to. With two toddlers in our midst, we didn’t plan much for the weekend. As it happens, both ... Read More »

A first birthday to remember (January 30th)

Those of you who’ve been following this blog for a little while now will know that BJ has a girlfriend – C-Bear. She is the daughter of our good friends in Sydney and was born just a little over a month after BJ (February 4th). This weekend past was her first birthday party which was ... Read More »

Day 7 of Birthday Week (January 2nd)

Day 7 was the final day of BJ’s first birthday week. It was the day RP’s Mum and step-dad came to visit from Port Macquarie. They brought with them lots of wonderful presents for BJ, including a special ride-on tricycle, which BJ just loves to ride on (even though his feet cannot yet reach the ... Read More »

Day 6 of Birthday Week (December 31st)

Day 6 of BJ’s birthday week was BJ’s actual birthday – December 31st. We’d been working up to this day for so many weeks that it hardly seemed real when it finally arrived. Today was the day our BJ turned one. Today was the day that marked the end of our first year as a ... Read More »

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