Lastolite Hilite becomes two softboxes

Recently we purchased the Lastolie Hilite (2.1×1.8m) for use in the studio, though we plan on using it for everything other than that which it was designed. Sure, there will come a time when we want to do high-key portraiture, but it’ll never be a key feature of our business. Instead, the Lastolite Hilite is ... Read More »

Almost Monday

Sunday night heralds the end of what is almost always a wonderful weekend. Yet it also reminds us that Monday is just around the corner. Read More »

Wiggle worm (Feb 2011)

Photographing BJ requires much planning. Two year olds barely sit still as it is, let alone when you ask them or want them to. This weekend we were lucky enough to entertain RP’s father and partner who travelled down from Sydney for an overnight visit. They arrived on Saturday morning and stayed till well into ... Read More »

Turning two (Jan 2011)

It’s hard sometimes, sifting through all the digital negatives from a shoot and trying to pick the small few that accurately convey the atmosphere as it was when you were shooting. Sometimes there are lots to chose from; sometimes there are hardly any. But almost always it is difficult to chose between them. Not so ... Read More »

Birthday boy (Dec 2010)

Something tells me that New Years Eve will never be the same again. Being BJ’s birthday, the day (and night) is dedicated to celebrating his eventful arrival to our family. We started the day with breakfast at Gold Creek, Canberra. For BJ we ordered sultana bread and, as a special treat, a chocolate milkshake. The ... Read More »

A Christmas fit for a kid (Dec 2010)

I can’t believe my baby BJ is turning two today; oh how time flies when you’re having fun. And though I don’t think he quite understands what a birthday is just yet, he definitely has a good grasp of the concept of ‘presents’. These photos were taken on Christmas morning. This year we decided to ... Read More »

Oriental lillies (March 16th)

Oriental lillies are one of my favourite flowers – not only because they are beautiful and smell gorgeous, but because they are the flower that seems to keep on giving. Their many flower buds bloom over many days and a good bunch can last a week or more. So, while in the garage the other ... Read More »

Kooyou (March 13th)

In the year 2000, whilst Sydney was enjoying the Olympic Games, I was in Japan studying Japanese at the Kansai Gaidai University. I have some wonderful memories of my stay in Kyoto: the food, the people, the history and the culture. But most of all, I remember the kindness and hospitality of my host family ... Read More »

Tram-mam-poline (December 18th)

When I was about five, my parents bought me and my two brothers a trampoline for Christmas. It was the best present we had ever received – except, perhaps, the slip and slide which was loads of fun but full of injuries. I remember distinctly being walked with my two brothers to the garage on ... Read More »

Almost one (November 28th)

At 11 months, BJ is quite the mover and shaker. By ‘shaker’ I mean pulling just about everything and anything on top of himself. Yesterday it was a stack of DVDs, today it was the kitchen chair – tomorrow is anyone’s guess. By ‘mover’ I mean, crawling (and almost walking) to just about every corner ... Read More »

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