[New Pics] Seaside Celebration ~ I FINALLY have a sister!

[New Pics] Seaside Celebration ~ I FINALLY have a sister!

It’s finally my (Renee’s) turn to take charge of writing the blog, so Jason please step aside! People who have known me forever automatically accept that Noddy (aka Donna) is part of our family. She and my brother Gavin have been together since they were approximately 14 and 17 (with an insignificant short break in between). I have known Noddy since I was 10; she was known as the little, cute, blonde girl with a horse, who had such a ‘cool’ family and whose smile was plastered on her face. Noddy got me a job working at our local supermarket, Jewels, and soon grew into one of my dearest friends. She has always been a huge support in my life, there as a confidant during my teenage years, always trustworthy and loyal and accepting of the love of my life Jason. I have never had a lot of “girl” friends growing up; my life has been dominated by testosterone (having two older brothers, three older male cousins…and that’s it!) making Noddy so incredibly important to me (more than she would ever know). When my gorgeous brother Gav finally popped the question, no one was more excited than me; apart from the newly engaged couple that is! This was the event that we had all been waiting for; the event of the century!

Now it was time to convince Jason to be a wedding photographer for the day, an adversity I thought would be difficult to cross. Jason has always stipulated that he was a portrait photographer, not a wedding photographer. Personally, after looking at these priceless images he has captured, I think he should reconsider! As soon as I mentioned that Gav and Noddy needed a wedding photographer however, he gladly bent his rules and stated he would be honored to capture their important day! And what a day it was! The location was Murramarang Resort at South Durras (Batemans Bay), the day was hot, extremely windy, but absolutely PERFECT!

My beautiful Noddy and Gav; you made everyone so incredibly proud on your wedding day. It was such a beautiful weekend spent with those closest to us and was a reminder to focus on love and what’s really important in life. Please enjoy this selection of images captured on your wedding day; images you can treasure forever, that won’t let you forget the finer details and remind you of the love and excitement you felt on that day. We love you both to the moon and back! Noddy, you’ve always been and always will be my sister, but this just makes it official!

Congratulations to the newly married Mr and Mrs Thorning!


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