Sneak peek: loving life and each other

Photography is the perfect present. It’s the kind of gift that people would not normally buy for themselves, but one they truly appreciate when at last they have some nice pictures of themselves to hang on their wall (or post on their Facebook wall!). It is also the kind of gift that keeps on giving and one that can be enjoyed not only by the recipient themselves, but the people who love and want something to remember them by.

This is why I was thrilled when a friend of ours recently asked if we’d take photos of his parents as a gift of appreciation for all the help they’d given him and his wife over the years.

Of course, it can be a little tricky coaxing people who hadn’t planned on having their picture taken to sit and relax during a photo-session. But a few glasses of wine later (for them and for me) and the session became so relaxed and fun that I was not only able to capture some lovely portraits, but also some wonderful candid pictures that really speak to their personalities! Thanks Peta and Larry for braving the studio and being such fun to work with. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much during a shoot before – and it had nothing to do with the wine!

P.S. This first picture is among my all-time favorites. It makes me feel happy and I adore photos that evoke these kinds of feelings!

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