Sneak peek: Four girls and lots of love

A few weeks back now Renee and I had scheduled a very exciting photo session – a special outdoor family shoot with Kate, Kane and their four little girls. What was so special about the planned shoot was that two of the little girls were still sitting snugly inside mum away from the winter cold. That’s right, it was going to be our first ever maternity shoot with twins!!

As luck would have it, the weather failed us and the Saturday morning showers and sleet forced us to postpone in the hopes of better weather. Sunday was (of course) not much better and despite our best efforts the shoot was again cancelled. We planned on meeting again the next weekend, but like all best laid plans, they were not to be – and in this case for good reason because the two little twins decided their time in the warmth was up and that they were ready to join the rest of the family.

It’s been a few weeks since then, but were thrilled that Kane and Kate came back to join us for a family session – this time in the warmth of the studio! Here are a few of the images we captured that day!

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