Lastolite Hilite becomes two softboxes

Recently we purchased the Lastolie Hilite (2.1×1.8m) for use in the studio, though we plan on using it for everything other than that which it was designed. Sure, there will come a time when we want to do high-key portraiture, but it’ll never be a key feature of our business. Instead, the Lastolite Hilite is so large and so evenly lit (even with just one strobe head), that it works perfectly as a makeshift window, producing beautifully soft windoow-like light with smooth transitions from highlights to shadows. This is an incredibly cheap alternative to knocking out the wall and installing a new, larger window – but more on that later.

Today’s photo comes courtesy of the Lastolite Hilite – though this time, the Hilite was placed directly in front of the model (me), about one metre away. I used a black sheet and hung it down the middle, as if to divide the Hitlite into two. I also placed a piece of foamcore board at the bottom, the end result being two rectangle catchlights that mimic two softboxes.

I’m gonna play aroung with this a lot more in the weeks to come. Suffice it to say – I love my Hilite so far!

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