My apprenticeship: mum’s babies

When I received an email from Vashti asking me to take photos of her ‘babies’, immediately I pictured a toddler and newborn. Instead to my delight Vashti’s babies were not quite so young; her daughter being 17 and her son 12. Meeting this lovely family, I was greeted with the most beautiful smiles and bubbly personalities. This brother and sister are like best friends; and it really shows in their photos!

Not only was I lucky enough to photograph such a friendly and gorgeous duo, but I was also treated to one of the most beautiful singing voices when Tashena played her guitar and sung for us. When you become famous Tashena, remember me and I will be your personal celebrity photographer ;-p Thank you Vashti for giving me the opportunity to photograph your ‘babies’. You should be so incredibly proud of them and I had a blast photographing them for you.

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