Star gazing at Stromlo

This Mother’s Day, BJ, AJ and I wanted to do something special for RP. We wanted to spoil her for being such a wonderful mum. I knew she didn’t have any nice photos, nor have anyone who could take them for her and so I thought it’d be nice to get her all glam’d up, take her out, and capture a few pics to remember the day. Problem is, I dont know anyone who can wield a camera and so I resorted to just a few snapshots with my own point and shoot…. NOT

Of course, the part about spoiling RP for Mother’s Day is true, and the part about taking some photographs is true – but perhaps not with a simple point and shoot camera.

Truth be told, we decided to go on a picnic and ended up and Mt Stromlo Observatory. It turned out to be quite a nice location – so long as you didn’t get out of the car and into the blistering cold winds. Instead, we picnic’d in the car and enjoyed the view.

By way of history, Mt Stromlo is the research and science observartory of the Australian National University. It was devastated some years back by the Canberra Bushfires and many of the significant buildings had been burned to the ground. What remains (of what hasn’t been renovated and repaired) are a few charred ruins of the old observatory towers – perfect location for some nice portraits of my beautiful wife on her Mother’s Day.

The plan, obviously, was to get some pictures of RP with BJ and AJ, but the winds were just too damn cold and the kids were both snotty as it was. So, we just opted for these glamour portraits to mark the occasion.

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