Sneak Peek: A gift for Mother’s Day

There’s no denying it – being a parent is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling roles one can have in life. Sure, there are some trying (and sometimes crying) times, but in the end they pale into insignificance with every cuddle; every smile; every ‘I love you’.

For these reasons I now know just how much that one day every year means to parents, when the family comes together to celebrate their role as a mum or dad. So when I was asked in the lead up to Mothers Day this year to shoot a group portrait of four sisters as a present for their dear mum Sonya, I jumped at the chance…

Sonya is one of those people who is always helping someone else; a natural carer. Her four daughters are the absolute apples of her eye. They are usually found by Sonya’s side, always wanting to spend time with their mum and life-long friend. Every member of Sonya’s family has a unique and quirky sense of humor. This is evident through the girls’ aim of the photo-shoot; “to make mum cry!” And we hear through sources close to her that she howled like a baby! Good work Ava, Mia, Liv and Abbey!

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