Wiggle worm (Feb 2011)

Photographing BJ requires much planning. Two year olds barely sit still as it is, let alone when you ask them or want them to.

This weekend we were lucky enough to entertain RP’s father and partner who travelled down from Sydney for an overnight visit. They arrived on Saturday morning and stayed till well into Sunday afternoon. It was the first time they had seen BJ and AJ since Christmas day, which meant they arrived carrying a bag full of presents for BJ’s belated birthday. No sooner did we open the front door and BJ yelled “PRESENTS” – clearly the spate of (many) Christmas and Birthday celebrations in the month earlier had left an indelible mark on his 2 year old memory. Suffice it to say he even remembered how to unwrap.

Soon after our guests departed I got out the camera gear and took these two photos. They were the only useable ones from a batch of 20. So excited about having just waved goodbye to Poppy – there was little that could keep him still.

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