Turning two (Jan 2011)

It’s hard sometimes, sifting through all the digital negatives from a shoot and trying to pick the small few that accurately convey the atmosphere as it was when you were shooting. Sometimes there are lots to chose from; sometimes there are hardly any. But almost always it is difficult to chose between them.

Not so in this case.

Those able to join us this weekend for BJs second birthday party would no doubt agree that this photo says it all – the pure joy on a mothers face as she presents the spoils of her labour and love to her child on their birthday.

More birthday party fun to come….

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  1. What a SUPER effort RP !
    BJ loved his specical cake, on his special day.
    Great fun was had by all – thanks for including us.
    Best wishes Birthday Boy – Nana P xxxxx

  2. love this photo so much xxx

  3. Love this photo and the cake looks great!!! Can imagine his reaction.

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