The Greats (Dec 2010)

The best part of Christmas is not the truckloads of presents, the pavlova, the Christmas ham or the bottomless glass of wine. No. The best part of Christmas for me is that moment when some of the oldest members of our family meet, cuddle and pour love over the youngest and newest members. This year was AJ’s first Christmas and he was lucky enough to be nursed and bottle fed by his Great Grandmother (my Nan) while his Great Grandfather watched on (my Pa). It was a special moment; one that I’m so pleased to have captured on film.

Since moving to Canberra, RP and I have only limited face to face contact with our grandparents. Christmas and Birthdays are about the only times that we can spend quality time with members of the extended family. We wish it could be more often, but that’s the tyranny of distance. It’s what makes Christmas such a wonderful time of the year.

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  1. It’s really amazing how much of a different feel the coloured photos have to the black and white ones. You really do capture beautiful moments in our lives. You’re so clever!

  2. Gorgeous, precious moments. Our younger generation is so lucky with this technology available to them. We from the baby boomers have very few, if any, photos
    of grandparents captured in such high quality shots. The few that we have, are faded, tired and black and white. These photos of AJ and great grandparents are a
    wonderful keepsake for all the family. Just lovely JP !

  3. I love the laughing one of ‘bigger nana’ … it’s so her!
    What great memories of those closest to us.

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