Proof I don’t shoot p0rn (sometime in 2010)

Ok, so this post is gonna require some explanation for those who haven’t yet heard the story.

A few weeks back now, I was using our upstairs bedroom as a ‘sort-of’ photographic studio. I had the bed set up with fake floorboards and I was testing a number of different lighting scenarios with some kick-arse flashes and modifiers around the room. I’d been working on the set up for a couple of hours and I was using this wooden statue of a man and woman embracing each other as the “test subject”.

Having taken a break for dinner, night had fallen and like usual I showered BJ before his bedtime. After getting him ready for bed I retreated upstairs in only a towel to get dressed myself. As I climbed the stairs it occurred to me that I had done something wrong with my lighting setup and so before getting dressed, I changed the position of the key light flash and started to take a few more test shots. The picture below is the product of that shoot.

Satisfied with the outcome I put the camera down – donning a huge grin consistent with my substantial sense of achievement. Yet before I could get dressed properly I noticed from the corner of my eye our neighbour sitting on their back porch smoking and, oh, also watching me through my window. Now I have no idea what they were thinking. But, since I was upstairs and they were down, and since alls they could see was my huge grin, my very naked torso, and what must have looked like a hollywood studio’s worth of flash, I can only imagine what was going through their mind.

Despite having been there for coming on three years, I haven’t yet spoken to the neighbours behind us – and not for lack of trying on our part. They’re just not very social people and have persistently ignored our polite waves and friendly gestures as we pass each other in the back lane that separates us.

Perhaps this most recent ‘experience’ might help to kick start our friendship? Hmmm I think not.

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  1. How hilarious!
    I’m not sure you could convince the neighbours of your innocence.
    Why not invite them over for your next photo shoot?

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