Birthday boy (Dec 2010)

Something tells me that New Years Eve will never be the same again. Being BJ’s birthday, the day (and night) is dedicated to celebrating his eventful arrival to our family.

We started the day with breakfast at Gold Creek, Canberra. For BJ we ordered sultana bread and, as a special treat, a chocolate milkshake. The sultana bread was a waste though since there was not much room left in the stomach after guzzling down all that milkshake. Ha Ha.

From there we made our way home to prepare for the afternoon’s festivities. RP’s friend Kellie, her husband and kids came over to celebrate BJ’s birthday – later joined by our friends Anth and Kir and Ant and Adam.

For his birthday, BJ got a wonderful water-play table made in the shape of a pirate ship. He played with it all afternoon and was soaked by the end – so much so his little fingers had wrinkled up like prunes. It was a hit.

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  1. Oh how adorable! Your photos capture BJs skin to perfection! In the first colored photo he looks a little cross-eyed hahaha! It was such a lovely day with our bubba and I can’t wait to see what fantastic photos you take of his party this weekend!! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!! Beautiful work JP!

  2. We are so lucky to have such a precious little boy. It is amazing how grown up he is looking these days, always such a little busy man.
    The varioius facial expressions on BJ are just so gorgeous, as he discovers and explores his new pirate ship water play. Can’t wait until the BIG BOYS PARTY.
    You do a great job JP with memories to keep forever.

  3. What a grown-up little boy he looks!
    The first shot only hi-lights how much he he has changed since Xmas.
    I love the concentration on his face – with aid of his tongue, of course!
    What is it with boys & water ????????
    BIG BOY PARTY …… here we come!

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