A Christmas fit for a kid (Dec 2010)

I can’t believe my baby BJ is turning two today; oh how time flies when you’re having fun. And though I don’t think he quite understands what a birthday is just yet, he definitely has a good grasp of the concept of ‘presents’.

These photos were taken on Christmas morning. This year we decided to stay in Canberra on Christmas Eve and make the trip to Sydney after getting up, opening our presents and getting dressed. We had packed the car the night before, though the task of getting prepared and ready was a week-long affair (for RP, ha ha) with two bubbas to pack for. Anyway, staying in Canberra was important because Santa might not have known where to find us if we were gallivanting across the country side.

Christmas morning went off with all the requisite paper scrunching and sticky tape tearing. It took BJ all of five minutes to learn the word ‘presents’ and another five to learn what it meant. Suffice to say that Christmas morning was good preparation for the days (and many many presents) that were still ahead of us.

More to come…

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  1. What a beautiful ‘Birthday Boy’
    And Harold is pretty cute too!
    Happy Birthday little man – Nana loves you.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lots

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