Full circle (Sept 2010)

Earlier this year I announced on this blog that RP and I were expecting another baby. Twenty-six and a bit weeks later and, well, we’re still waiting.

Ok, so Bubba2 isn’t that late. Afterall, his official ultrasound scan predicted his arrival on September 9th, while his initial dates scan (at only eight weeks) predicted he’d be with us on September 11th. Today being the twelth makes him either three days late, or one day late, depending on how you look at it. BJ didn’t join us until 10 days after his official due date, and only after some coersion, so if history is anything to go by, we may still be waiting a little while yet.

Today, to help pass the time we went on a Sunday drive – a round trip from Canberra to Sutton to Murrumbateman and back to Canberra. As the sun was setting over the hills we stopped on this gorgeous bumpy side road for a couple of snap shots. A perfect opportunity to get a photo of the baby belly.

And so, the nine months has come and gone. We’ve come full circle. We can’t wait to welcome our newest family member!!!!!

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  1. All the best for the pending birth. Such an exciting time.

  2. I would have thought that crisp Canberra air would have encouraged things to start moving! Good luck RP!

  3. Just gorgeous………..she’s my daughter and the bump is my grandchild, who is obviously in no hurry to leave the cosy nest.

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