54,300 meters in 24 hours (May 2nd)

I’d be willing to bet that lane 5 of the Australian Institute of Sport’s indoor Olympic pool is empty at 2am most days of the week. In fact, I’d be willing to wager an even heftier bet that of all the days of the week, Sunday is the least likely to enjoy the company of swimmers at these wee hours of the morning. And even if I’m wrong; even if someone was game enough to take a dip at such an ungodly time, you could almost guarantee that they were a keen athlete in training for the next Commonwealth or even Olympic games.

Not last Sunday, though. No way – because last Sunday (May 2nd) at 2am, some friends of ours (Sonya and Mia + the rest of the family) were taking to the pool as part of the annual MS Mega Swim: a 24 hour swimming marathon organised by MS Australia to raise much needed funds for ongoing research into Multiple Sclerosis. RP and I visited on both Saturday and Sunday to cheer them along.

Sonya and Mia have been great friends of ours, though in particular, have been a wonderful support to RP over the last year as we (slowly) became accustomed to our new life as parents. Sonya has always been there to help us with the small (and sometimes large things) that really matter when you live away from family. Mia, Sonya’s daughter, has also been a wonderful support – always looking to snatch our little BJ for a kiss and a cuddle. Though Mia has MS, you wouldn’t know it. Not even the trials and tribulations of a life with MS could dampen her spirits.

And so, I was honoured when Sonya invited me along, camera in hand, to capture these images from the last hour of their 24 hour Mega-Swim. I had such a great time. Thanks Sonya!

For those who are interested, here are some stats: 1086 laps in 24 hours = 54.3 kilometers = 54,300 meters = $5,000 raised = a whole lotta fun!

Congratulations girls – what a wonderful achievement!

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  1. We are the lucky people in these pictures, myself (Sonya) and my daughters Mia (who has MS), Olivia, Abbey, my niece (an angel right her on earth) and Mia’s loving partner Amanda . ………….Now i have stopped howling with pride, i want to say how wonderfully these photos captured the spirit of the day ……… Hundreds of people coming together for a common cause, raising money for those living with MS ……… These pictures also capture our wonderful family and how we all came together for our daughter, our sister, our niece, our cousin our god-daughter, that person is Mia, the bravest, warmest most lively spirit on earth………….The warmth, and the smiles in these photos, capture so elegantly, how we all felt on the day …….. … Thankyou JP for being so very gracious and kind and coming along not only to photograph us, but for being part of our cheer squad………, The photos just all seemed to flow organically no fake posing or feeling ‘oh god there is a camera there !!!!!!!, …. Thankyou RP for coming along and supporting us………. Thankyou to the little boy who constantly puts a smile on Mia’s face, and who has brought so much joy into my life ………….. and yes, Mia is marrying BJ in 20 years time !!!! Watch out you young skinny babies, BJ has an older, actually a much older chick ………………………

  2. Hi guys,
    can i please have copies of these photos to load onto our wwebsite.


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