Good Friday + Good Friends = Great Easter weekend (April 3rd)

Every Easter we play host to our good friends DL, AL and their beautiful one (and a bit) year old daughter CL. It has become a yearly tradition; one that RP and I very much look forward to.

With two toddlers in our midst, we didn’t plan much for the weekend. As it happens, both are on somewhat different sleeping schedules which meant that when one was asleep the other was awake and vice versa. We did, however, manage to get out of the house on Satrurday and so made our way down to Lennox Gardens by the lake. A great opportunity to get the camera out and snap a few candid shots of the gorgeous CL.

P.S. Since this is a yearly tradition, I’ve also added a little collage at the end of some photos taken this time last year. Ohh, hasn’t she grown!!!

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  1. She sure has grown up – amazing to see the old shots (of the both of them actually). How sweet is the one on the bottom right of her in my arms dont think Ive seen that one before.. Would love a bigger version of it (hint hint – so demanding i know!)

  2. Thanks Dan – I’ll send a larger version through on FB!

  3. JP, your photos are gorgeous! CL is such a happy, petite, gentle and loving little girl, and you have captured this to a tea.
    I too can’t believe how she has grown in a year. We had such a fantastic weekend DL and AL!

  4. Thanks JP! Awww RP that’s sweet!! We loved seeing our Canberra family too and miss you guys already.

  5. These are lovely pictures. I always look forward to seeing your photos. (From the maternal Nana)

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