Oriental lillies (March 16th)

Oriental lillies are one of my favourite flowers – not only because they are beautiful and smell gorgeous, but because they are the flower that seems to keep on giving. Their many flower buds bloom over many days and a good bunch can last a week or more.

So, while in the garage the other day getting the studio ready for BJ’s photoshoot, I decided to also take some photos of these oriental lillies that RP had purchased a few days earlier. Aren’t they beautiful? You can almost smell their sweet scent, can’t you?

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  1. These look like they could be a greeting card or something! Very clever! I love the highlights of pink and yellow.
    Beautiful flowers that should be bought for a loving and caring wife every week or so!

  2. Exactly what I was going to say………….. card shop quality. The lighting up through the lillies is really lovely. It is so soft looking. Just needs some tender loving words added.
    The lillies are so gorgeous, it looks as though they have been painted. Must be a good lens on that camera JP.

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