Gold Creek Formal – Take 2 (March 18th)

Finally it’s my turn (RP) to blog about some very special photos. You might remember JP posting some pics here of my friend’s daughter’s school formal. Well here are a few more from that special night.

Before landing my favoutite job in the whole world (being a stay at home mummy to the most beautiful little boy in this universe – yes I’m bias!) I was once the director of a Before and After School Care (B.A.S.C) and after that a Primary School Teacher. It was during these positions that I met a fantastic family who soon became my friends of approximately 7 years.

The beautiful young lady in these photos (T.A) was only 10 or 11 years old when I first met her. I cared for her and her younger brother for 3 years at the B.A.S.C. and I later taught T.A’s brother when he was in year 3. Throughout this time I have grown close to the family and watched T.A grow from a fun and well behaved little girl, into a smart and beautiful young lady.

I was honoured to share this special occasion with such a down to earth family. Watching T.A’s parents smile with love and pride for their children made it really clear to me that family and friends are all that matters in this world.

Thank you once again to the “A” family for allowing JP and I to capture a few photos of this special occasion. T.A you really looked classy, sophisticated and beautiful; the way we have and always will see you.

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  1. I love the colouring in these photos, black, white and silver, it looks very sophisticated. The lovely young lady has beautiful skin to match her gorgeous eyes. Very stunning.
    The family must be very special for RP to hold them all in such high esteem. RP has nothing but good taste, does not settle for second best and has an eye for elegance. The photographer did a good job too, as usual.

  2. What special words RP; how beautiful. With your writing and JP’s photos.. look out!

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