Day 7 of Birthday Week (January 2nd)

Day 7 was the final day of BJ’s first birthday week. It was the day RP’s Mum and step-dad came to visit from Port Macquarie. They brought with them lots of wonderful presents for BJ, including a special ride-on tricycle, which BJ just loves to ride on (even though his feet cannot yet reach the pedals). We spent most of the afternoon sitting by the Xmas tree watching BJ enjoy his new things.

Later that evening, RP’s mum started working on a Birthday cake – the final one for this birthday week. She’d made the actual cake base at home in Port Macquarie, but still had to ice it here in Canberra with blue frosting and all of BJ’s favourite character’s from ‘In The Night Garden’.

Still, despite the countless number of times we’d sung “Happy Birthday To You”, and the countless number of birthday cakes, BJ still wasn’t all that keen on wearing his birthday hat. That said, it was the first time he’d tried marshmallows and I’m sure, by the look on is face, it won’t be the last!!!

Thanks Nanna and Pa Rose – we all had a great time!

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  1. THE… most gorgeous child has been captured here beautifully. We all had such a great time and BJ kept us laughing all night. He certainly picked up very quickly on “Hooray”. Yes, the marshmallows hit the spot with BJ. He was unsure of trying the first one, but after that if was handsful in the mouth, filling up his cheeks to fit more in. So, so precious. He was born to be a child model……..such a natural at it……inherited from daddy……life is a performance…..playing up to an audience. Mummy and Daddy have excelled themselves with our little man and their photography.

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