Day 6 of Birthday Week (December 31st)

Day 6 of BJ’s birthday week was BJ’s actual birthday – December 31st. We’d been working up to this day for so many weeks that it hardly seemed real when it finally arrived. Today was the day our BJ turned one. Today was the day that marked the end of our first year as a family.

For his birthday BJ received, among MANY other things, a yearly Questacon pass from Poppy and Ria. Questacon is the Australian Science and Education centre here in Canberra. It is a bit like a museum, only you’re allowed to touch things; which is great when all BJ wants to do these days is touch and chew anything he can get his hands on. We decided to make the most of his new pass and take him to Mini-Q, which is Questacon’s special section for babies and toddlers. He had an absolute ball and was reluctant to leave in the end. Great place to get some great photos too!

Later that evening we went to our friends’ house for BBQ – it was New Years Eve after all and we couldn’t possibly go to bed before midnight. We took with us a special first birthday cake which RP had made after we got home from Questacon. The cake was made from several muffin trays, each muffin in the shape of a train carriage. It tasted absolutely delicious, though I can’t say much about the decoration. RP should know better than to charge me with such delicate details. Anth, Kir, Ant and Chach were sure to make BJ feel special on his first birthday – even if it did require wearing some humiliating birthday hats.

All in all, it sure was a first birthday to remember.

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  1. These photos would have to be the best of your collection JP. The ones of BJ at “Mini Q” are superb. RP looks every bit the doting mummy and enjoying motherhood. The little hands exlploring and experimenting could be the making of a scientist. The most treasured one is the cheekiness inherited from his dad. Chocolate crumbs, a mere smirk and half a wink in progress, it is just so cute. The train cake is fabulous Missy. Your artistic flair is now going down another avenue, yet another addition to your overflowing portfolio of creativity. Keep them coming Mammy, Missy and Babywetto. xxx

  2. Thanks Mum! Yes i must say i was born to be a mother. Just love every second of it…tantrums and all! I cant believe how colourful these photos are! It’s like flicking through a magazine (a Ralph Lauren catalogue lol – inside joke!) I love how your photos are taking a creative scrapbook like approach. Your approach is natural and real, unlike alot of other staged pics you find with other photographers (pixi photos!). What a week we had celebrating our gorgeous boy’s birthday. I think it’s been one of the best weeks we have shared yet…and so beautifully captured by my talented paparatzi hubby xxxx

  3. oh p.s. the new watermark looks unreal!

  4. I have to agree with Mammy, these photos are fantastic and as great as your others have been, these pics really pulled me in and i couldn’t stop looking at them- mini Q that is.
    i love the clown ones the most…soooo funny the look on both Bj and RP face..classic!

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