Day 4 of Birthday Week (December 28th)

After a scrumptious boxing day lunch with the family RP, BJ and I packed ourselves in the car and made our way back to Canberra. Normally, I would drive the entire way but after such and exhausting few days of family, friends and food, it was best that we shared the driving to ensure we made it home in one piece.

The next day was the start of our family trip to Melbourne to stay at the mystery hotel (which ended up being the Hilton) that RP had booked some months earlier. We both decided that our most enjoyable year together, the first also with our little BJ, could only be concluded in style. The drive south started at about 5am in the morning. We stopped at Gundagai, Holbrook and some McDonald’s service centre only 40mins out of Melbourne. Thanks to the new portable DVD player BJ got (early) for his Birthday, we hardly heard a peep out of him for the whole 7 hour road trip – such an angel he was.

Of course, there were no photos from that day. Those who have seen how packed our station wagon can be when we travel to Sydney will understand that to find the camera bag amongst all the other bits and bobs was just too much effort. Besides, no-one wants to see inside our car – how boring.

Instead, we fast forward a day. We’d already checked-in and spent the night in a gloriously luxurious king size bed with fresh linen sheets and huge fluffy pillows. Clearly, it was time to get out the camera. BJ, unfortunately, had gotten sick over the Xmas break and spent the better part of the first day or so being pretty miserable. Also, it was a public holiday so when we finally decided that we needed to get him some childrens Panadol, do you think we could find a chemist that was open???

Anyway, given that BJ was not feeling well, we spent much of that afternoon indoors enjoying the room, the view to the MCG (for the Boxing day test match no less) and the free cable TV. It wasn’t long before the place looked just like home – bare baby bums and toys everywhere. Getting room service was the icing on the cake!

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  1. love the photo’s JP…. the bare bum is yours yeah? ha ha ha!!!

  2. Awwwwwww our little man looks so gorgeous for a sick bubba! Lucky we used baby wipes to wipe his nose instead of tissues! I think we need to go back again when he is better. Just to make sure he has as much fun as we do lol!!!!!!! Beautiful pics sweety as always xx

  3. Love the first one – such gorgeous big eyes. And is that Twilight I see? I’m gonna assume that’s a RP book!

  4. Love the bare bottom and the toes, along with the cheeky smile and big eyes of BJ. He even smiles wheh he is sick…must be the good breeding. Luv him.

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