Day 3 of Birthday Week (December 26th)

Day three of BJ’s Birthday week was Boxing day and we were off to Cronulla for my mothers traditional Christmas family get-together. Like Christmas day in Sydney it was a pretty miserable and cloudy day, so we spent most of the time inside. BJ once again got spoiled with loads of presents and enjoyed playing with all the family. In particular, he enjoyed the company of his uncle (unkie-Dan) with whom I’m sure you will agree he shares at least some family genes. Actually it is quite remarkable just how much BJ looks like Dan with his red curly hair.

The day ended as we packed the car and headed home to Canberra. I think we got home by about eight o’clock – just enough time to repack and prepare for our long drive to Melbourne the next morning.

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  1. He’s going to kill you later for the elf suit! So cute though love the one of him playing. Dan’s hair looks positively brown next to the golden locks of BJ!

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