Day 2 of Birthday Week (December 25th)

Christmas Day marked day two of BJ’s first birthday week. In fact, he was due to be born on December 22nd last year which would have made this Christmas his second, but it wasn’t to be. Instead, he held on until December 31st probably just so that he could be old enough for lots of BIG presents.

Christmas day started with a wonderful breakfast at RP’s father’s house. Like all Christmas’ past, BJ’s great grandfather, Ern, was there, though this was the first time he and BJ had met. It was a very special day with BJ being spoiled by all. Among the presents there was some megablocks and a set of children’s cutlery – both of which soon found their way into BJ’s mouth as all good presents do…

Thanks Russ and Ria for a wonderful Christmas morning and a great Christmas BBQ breakfast.

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  1. Wow he really is getting more and more gorgeous isn’t he! Just when you think he can’t get any cuter..:)

  2. Not as cute as C-bear!!!

  3. The most perfect boy on his first xmas! So cute…love the pics JP! Especially the artistic black and white one of the xmas tree! Ern’s and Bj’s eyes look amazing! Well done xxxx

  4. What a litlle cutie! I love the top one it shows off his little curls.
    BJ & great granpa is a classic – what a great shot!
    Muzza xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. The cutest future couple ever if we do say so ourselves

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