Tram-mam-poline (December 18th)

When I was about five, my parents bought me and my two brothers a trampoline for Christmas. It was the best present we had ever received – except, perhaps, the slip and slide which was loads of fun but full of injuries. I remember distinctly being walked with my two brothers to the garage on the morning of Christmas day, only to have what seemed to be a HUGE trampoline sitting there begging to be bounced upon. That trampoline provided many, many years of entertainment and quite a number of my fondest childhood memories are of the fun we had bouncing around on that galvanised steel frame with its spring-laden mat.

I can’t remember when my parents finally decided to get rid of that trampoline or why, but it was inevitable that one day I’d have another.

Fast forward a couple of years and OMG – how excited am I. This Christmas we bought BJ a 12ft trampoline. Ok, so he can’t quite walk yet and probably wont be able to use the trampoline for at least another six months or so, but who cares about such details. Point is, we now have a trampoline and I can’t wait for BJ to enjoy it just as much as I did when I was a kid.

Here are some pics of the “unveiling”. BJ helping me out in putting it together – well I’m sure he thinks that sitting on top of the box is the same as helping…

P.S. Like all best laid plans – what’s the bet BJ absolutely hates the trampoline and refuses to jump on it. I hope not, otherwise we’ve got a pretty big white elephant in the back yard… A 12ft one to be precise. Hahahahaha.

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  1. Love the two of BJ, second from the bottom holding his fingers up, “I can now count see 1……2.”
    The one with daddy is cute, “look at my muscles their bigger than daddy’s.”

  2. hahahaha i love it!!!! so good to come on here and see soooo many fantastic photos and see how handsome little bj is! love the tram-mam-wetto-poline hahaha

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