The belle of the ball (December 15th)

Yesterday I was invited by a friend of RP’s to take photos of her daughter as she prepared for one of the biggest nights of her youth – her year 10 formal. Here in Canberra, the high school system is a little different and the official highschool years finish in year 10. After this, students move into the college system, which for all intents and purposes is a mix between standard high school (years 11 and 12) and university – having similar subjects as high school, but greater freedom like university. Anyway, all of this means that unlike in Sydney where the year 12 formal was the be-all-and-end-all of high school celebrations, in Canberra, the main event is the year 10 formal.

The shoot was quite exciting – the girls beautiful, easy going, and happy to have their picture taken: some formal, and some not so, but all a lot of fun. Here is a selection from the afternoon….

P.S. Thanks Son and Liv for inviting us into your home, albeit briefly, and letting me capture this special moment for you. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I look forward to the wedding someday :)

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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have captured the girls so perectly!!! Love love love the lacing up of the dress and the the pic following it! The colours are so vibrant and the lighting magical!

  2. Sonya Lyons (proud mum)

    Ok, i have finally stopped howling and now i can leave a sensible comment ………………….. I knew the pictures would be beautiful because of the way the photograper (Jason) conducted himself, so gracious, natural and easy ………… I would love to say i have a favourite photo, except i cant, because they are all so exquisite and unique………….If i absolutly had to choose it would be the one of Olivia getting her eye shadow on, and the one of the corsetting, just beautiful …… If could sum all the photos up in one word, it would be ‘peaceful’ ……. Thankyou so much Jason and Renee

  3. Thanks Son for your wonderful comments. It was our absolute pleasure to be a part of Liv’s special day. I’m glad you liked the photos and can’t wait for the next shoot!!!

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