Picnic in the park (December 13th)

With not much to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, RP, BJ and I ventured to the Glebe Park – Canberra’s equivalent to Sydney’s Hyde Park. We’d planned on having an early afternoon dinner followed by some photos in the gardens, however, BJ had other plans and promptly fell asleep in his pram. When he finally woke, there was just enough light to snap a few quick pics before we made our way back home.

Like all “free” models, BJ didn’t demand any payment for the shoot. Though, you can be sure we (ok RP) paid for it in some way or another… a poo in the bath and a big wee on the kitchen floor. Ha Ha Ha!



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  1. Just gorgeous. The colourimg of the formal ones are striking, especially doing up the lace at the back of the dress. BJ always steals the show. He always looks like he loves having his photo taken. Just love the fluffy hair above each ear.

  2. What a Nudey Rudey!
    He certainly is starting young in his ‘Naturalist’ lifestyle.
    But with skin like that why wouldn’t you?
    Love, Light & Laughter

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