Farewell friend (December 3rd)

Today is a sad day. Today, we farewell our good friend and colleague JD, who is moving on from our work to pursue other things on greener pastures. BUT, before he leaves us, I wanted to post this pictorial tribute – some photos I took of him recently that didn’t quite make it off the ‘AIDS Calendar’ cutting room floor.

Before you look at the photos, there are a few things that you should know about JD:

(1) he is quite the sporting nut, but probably spent a little too much time playing fantasy football at work;

(2) he is mad keen on baskeball – and when he grows up, he wants to be just like Michael Johnson (points to those who recognise JD’s sad attempt at reenacting one of the most iconic images in sports portrait photography);

(3) he is quite the entrepreneur, but couldn’t run a cafe if his life depended on it;

(4) he is desperate to win the lottery and swears blind that one day he will win $5,318,008. Though, I know for a fact he’d settle for just a few $5304; and

(5) despite his love of all things sport, the rumour is that he is not a very good team player.

Farewell JD. Enjoy life on the dark side. Oh, and have a great Birthday tomorrow!

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  1. JP…..absolutely quality work with the tunnel shot, arm to arm spread out on the wallls. The lighting is most effective and a striking angular position of JD’s body. It strikes me as honesty, openess and “i humbly give of you my whole soul and all that I have.”So well done JP. All the best to JD on his adventures.

  2. The lighting in these ones is AMAZING

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