A little treasure (November 14th)

Three weeks ago, a good friend of mine had a little baby boy. I’d been bugging her for weeks (ok, months) before the birth about getting in early for a newborn photoshoot. In my opinion, newborns are probably the most difficult to photograph: they’re small, can’t be told where to stand, and almost always make all the cute faces when the camera isn’t quite ready.  Also, they’re usually only good for an hour or so and whether you arrived for one of the ‘good’ hours is just a matter of luck….

Yesterday, little J was perfect. Thanks M and A for having us round to your house – we know how having visitors in these early weeks can be quite the ordeal. Can’t wait for next time!

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  1. P.S. RP says thanks for the Cappachino!!!! Now she wants one for Xmas!!!

  2. My nephew looks gorgeous! You guys took some great pics!!

  3. Thanks Lisa! Though I must say – its not hard to get great pictures of such a gorgeous little man!

  4. Hey thanks again for the awesome pics!! I can’t stop looking at them, what a cutie! Next time we will get some with dad in them! ha ha. Thanks for your patience with him, he was a bit cranky that morning! Glad that you guys loved the coffee too!

  5. Wow…….. what gorgeous photos which capture the love, warmth and happiness this beautiful family evoke. M and A you must be so proud to be the parents of such a gorgeous little angel. JP, the photos are so peaceful and soft. You have truely created some masterpieces. Well done. Let’s hope we can get some more of our BJ before he turns 10!

  6. Thanks Riss! Better than the ones on offer at the Hospital you think? hahahahahaha.

    Ohh, and if you have any friends looking for some family/baby photos, please let them know about us!

  7. Awwwwwww! Isn’t he gorgeous!
    Yep, I finally found them.
    You certainly are improving with each photo shoot. JJ
    Put some more up of BJ please, maybe near a tree ??????

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