The baby-blues brothers (September 4th)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing the children of one of RP’s work friends. I was pretty excited about the shoot because, for the first time in a long time, my two models had the most magnificant blue eyes. The afternoon was a lot of fun, and the boys had such great personalities – I just hope I managed to capture that on film.

Thanks KM and AM for a great afternoon – can’t wait for the next shoot.

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  1. This is great photography. Those boys are absolutely gorgeous and yes you have captured their stunning blue eyes perfectly. Mum and dad are stunners too, lucky they shared their genes with the boys. I really love the way you use the outdoors in your photography, so much more detailed than indoors or at a fake studio set. All your photos are so natural and not dollied up as in commercial shoots. All the people are as they are in real life…….lovely. P.S. Happy fathers day mammy.

  2. Thanks Mammy!!! It was certainly a great shoot and I too love the outdoors as a backdrop!!! Having a whole lotta fun – thats for sure!

  3. I love the one at the top with him looking up. And the eyes through the bars. Very cool.

  4. My Word! You are getting better & better. The pics look so relaxed and natural. Keep up the good work JJ, there’s a future out there for you! Muzza

  5. You captured the afternoon beautifully! This is a family of born models….. especially Blue Eyed Big Brother! He was really working the camera! My favourites are of the boys looking through the bars! Their eyes are amazing!

  6. 09_09_79 is great, nice moment

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