In the spirit of spring (September 18th)

It is the 18th day of spring and it would be an understatment to say that I am a little excited. I really, really, really do not like winter and September is a wonderful month for it marks the beginning of the end to the cold weather of winter. Of course, as a photographer, spring also provides a magnificent range of subjects to photograph and flowers are top of the list this spring.

At present, RP, BJ and I are housesitting for a work friend who is in Vietnam. Her house is set on a 100-acre block (or is that 100 hectares) with brilliant views across the rolling hills of the southern highlands. We’ve been here for over a week now and somehow I doubt that we will ever tire of the novelty of the ‘farm-stay’ that we are so much enjoying.

The garden here is wonderful – a vast expanse of native trees and shrubs as far as the eye can see. Yet, among the natives sits this one, lonely old poppy flower perched akwardly in a garden bed right beside the front door. It’s bright red colour was so captivating that I couldn’t resist getting the camera out.

Everyone, meet Poppy.

P.S. Happy Birthday Maria!

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  1. I Lurve the ‘Poppy’ ….how beautiful it is!
    Red has to be one of my favourite colours, and this is perfection!
    I’m impressed by the new format, the black background sets everything else apart.
    Bye for Now

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