The X-file (August 23rd)

Every photo shoot has its good and bad shots – those that don’t make it off the cutting room floor so to speak. Most of the time it is because the shot was poorly exposed, poorly composed or otherwise boring. Sometimes, however, its because the photo shows us something we’d rather not see.  I call them the x-files and here are two that didn’t make it from yesterday’s shoot, but were too funny not to post.


Disclaimer: No babies were harmed in the making of this blog.


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  1. Daddy’s boy with the daddy’s genes…….. and weak stomach! Now if there was more RP in him he would have guts of steel! Beautifully captured! Never has there been such a beautiful vomiting photo!

  2. How much more cute stuff can this gorgeous child do and his talented dad capture it?? I love it, I love it, I love it. This is really great stuff JP, I’ve seen Zac do the same when chewing sticks and grass, probably inherited from him. It needs a sound effect now……Uncle Marky would be the person to do it.

  3. Hahahaha… We wondered whether this was a little too much for some people – seeing a picture of BJ vomiting and all…. but it was such a funny moment and neither RP nor I knew i’d captured the shot until later that night when we were going through the negatives… we couldn’t stop laughing…

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