The flashest thing in Belconnen (August 23rd)

Well, as you’ll see, I’m still learning the ins and outs of flash and so this weekend is another of my attempts at the strobist assignments. It just so happens that this week was (at least in my opinion) the most difficult of all because it required balancing the flash with the ambient light to a produce a picture perfect photo.  It means being cognisant of both the strength of the flash output, as well as the strength of the ambient light from the sun, and balancing them together to generate an evenly exposed image. Of course, many cameras have TTL (through the lens light metering) which takes away much of the guess work. But then again, it wouldn’t be much of an assignment if I let the camera do all the work, now would it? In these photos, all settings were set manually.

BJ was such a little angel, despite the cold.  He loved playing in the grass and watching the waterbirds nearby. Most of all, he enjoyed eating the odd piece of bark on the ground.  Daddy’s boy, eh?

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  1. Wow – awesome love the top one especially

  2. these photo’s are fantastic guys! I cant believe how much Bj grows every time i see the latest updates!!!! Keep them coming! I cant wait to come down soon and see you all!!

  3. My goodness these are fabulous Mammy. Two of the most photogenic people in the world. I love the first one and the one of BJ with hands in the air. The more I look I find more favourites. His shoes are so cute…..he is growing up too quickly. Yesterday I indulged in reminiscence of the photos of BJ’s birth and onwards,where have those 8 months gone ?? We are so lucky to have such a great photographer. RP radiates with love and pride of her precious son in every photo, her eyes tell it all. I love the colouring and the scenery of these photos, BJ’s jacket is also just perfect. Just can’t get enough of these photos JP. Thanks a million for sharing your talents.

  4. What gorgeous photos, BJ is growing so fast!
    Like all little boys he loves sticks & Mummy.
    Keep up the good work. NannaP xxxxxxx

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