Stealing Magnolias (August 8th)

With not much else to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, RP, BJ and I decided to take a drive. We weren’t quite sure where we were going, but had decided to work off all the bad food our friend Kir made us eat on Friday and Saturday night! mmmMMmm Magnum.

Anyway, we ended up down at the rose gardens of Old Parliament House. A nice spot for some nice photos we thought. BJ, of course, was playing up a treat and refused to cooperate in any photo taking endeavours – perhaps it was revenge for going off to see Harry Potter without him, who knows? The consequence though, is that now you have the pleasure of looking at the gorgeous RP and my own ugly mug. Incidentally, RP borrowed a magnolia flower from the gardens – I hope they don’t mind.

Ohhhh, I almost forgot to mention. Today was the first day I’ve had a chance to test my new (albeit second hand) flash unit. Pretty neat for 50 bucks – don’t you think?

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  1. What a beautiful shot of Nae.

  2. Isn’t she just gorgeous. Its sooo easy to take photos of someone who looks so good…. hahahaha

  3. Ohhhh, but what about me?? I’m beautiful too…. hahahahahahaha.. There is a reason i’m in black and white. I just don’t look my best in colour…

  4. I really like the variation of the black and white along with the soft colourings. The blurred out areas are very effective, giving a mystical feeling, but drawing the attention to the magnolia. Well done Mamwetto. Can’t believe there are none of BJ. Would love to see some of Uncle Marky with BJ on his next visit.

  5. JP ‘In the Hood’ you look like a rapper dude. R looks lovely in the pink jumper, it suits her colouring. Was BJ sleeping under a bush or something, or had he crawled away from the photo shoot?

  6. These could be wedding pics you know JP! The colouring turned out so much better than in real life! It was a washed out day, but your photos look beautiful…apart from the slob in pink!

    My black and white one is so Star Wars! *head wobble*

  7. The newest black jumper, but still covered in lint balls and fluff…. YEPPPPPP

  8. hahaha love the “stealing magnolia’s” title…. im so happy to come on and find sooo many updates!!! Yes mammy… i will get some photos wih Bj on my next canberra trip :)

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