Kisses for Daddy (July 30th)

So, the other day was my Birthday. You might not have known because I don’t normally make a big fuss of it…..

Ohh, did I meantion that it was my birthday the other day?

Anyway, the day started with RP slaving over a hot stove to bring me chocolate chip pancakes in bed. The pancakes were delicious, covered in chocolate icecream and topped with fresh berries. Once again, RP created a masterpiece and boy it was well worth the effort I think. YUM!

After breakfast, and before my early bus ride into work, BJ gave me a present – a story book called “Kisses for Daddy”. According to RP, there isnt much out there in the way of stories about babies and their Dads, but this one had special meaning because I am forever asking BJ for “kisses for daddy”.

Later that day, I was spoiled by my friends at work with a delicious birthday cake for morning tea.  I also recieved a lemon tree. Apprently, in a few years time, I may reap it’s “citrussy” goodness.

It has got me looking forward to my birthday next year – only 364 days to go.

P.S. Did I mention it was my birthday?

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  1. Sounds like you had a scumptious birthay. ‘Kisses for Daddy’ is one of my favourite books for storytime. Daddies deserve a mention too and this one hits the mark. Even for daddies as OLD as you, te he! Lots of Love & Kisses … Nanna P.

  2. loving the blog.. keep it up – i love the bright colours and lighting with the books ones it particular – did you use a camera effect or is it something you do later with photoshop or something? Amazing anyway.

  3. Thanks Dan for your comments. No photoshopping on this one, except for a little bit of cropping. The effect was done using an obscure white-balance setting. The blue ones are at the low end, while the reddish ones were at the high end of the WB spectrum.

  4. JP, the photo’s are fantastic!!! i love coming on with so many updates and seeing how great your photo’s are progressing. Looking good hooker!!!!!

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