Do you believe in magic? (July 25th)

Two weekends ago, Nan and Pa P came to visit us. They arrived early Saturday morning and met RP, BJ and I at the Farmers Markets. RP bought some salad spices (?) while I on the other hand bought a home made choc-chip muffin. It was massive and delicious, mmmmmm, though I’m not so sure about the salad spices.

Nan and Pa stayed till Sunday and had a great time playing with the now restless “I-want-to-crawl-but-can’t” BJ. RP and I had a great time resting, even if only for a short while.

On Sunday we were all early to rise in the morning and by about 10am, BJ was pretty full-on. Nanna P decided to strap him into the stroller and take him for a walk around the block – twice. The first time, he tricked her into thinking that he was asleep only to be wide eyed and ready for more whinging as soon as she returned to the house. The second time he did fall asleep and was out like a light for a good hour or more. Later, she revealed her secret – a FIVE leaf clover and a wish for a tired sleepy bubba BJ.

Do you believe in magic?

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  1. I just love the top hand one! It shows I need to trim BJ’s nails hahaha

  2. I have fallen in love with BJ’s outfit. I have never seen such a gorgeous face on a calf. I have seen calves with long nails.

  3. What a happy little Bubba! I love the black & white one – holding hands with Pa. Your photography is getting better all the time. Nanna P xxxxxx for BJ & parents

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