All I want for Christmas (August 23rd)

As some of you will know, BJ was due to be born on December 22nd 2008. This meant that he would have been, according to the Doctors, only three days old for his first Christmas.  Like all good parents we asked Kris Kringle to deliver at least one present for BJ,  just in case the Doctors were right. The present was a plastic Fisher Price swing.

Anyway,  we now know that the Doctors were wrong and so BJ postponed his first Christmas till 2009 and his swing has remained in the cupboard ever since. This past weekend RP asked me to install it, for fear that BJ would out-grow it. Here are some quick pictures I took of him enjoying the spoils of Christmas past (and nodding off after all the excitement was over).

Not sure what BJ will get in 2009 – lord knows he doesn’t need two front teeth…..

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  1. These photos are absolute classics. The fangs will give me many hours of entertainment, laughing so much at their spacing. Where did they come from, he is just the cutest child on this earth. I can hear Uncle Marky screaming already. Thanks JP, RP and of course the star of the show BJ.

  2. I’m still laughing !!!!! Love the jumper and our little one having a nanna nap in the last photo. Just perfect.

  3. Love it!!
    Reminds me of when Ella fell asleep at the top of a slippery dip!

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