Winter Weekends (July 12th)

Winters in Canberra can be pretty damn cold, but sometimes (just sometimes) we get these brilliantly sunny afternoons that remind you just what summer was (and will be). Last Sunday was one of those days and so we ventured to one of my favourite parts of the ACT – the grounds of the Australian National University.  The colours are just so rich and the sunlight inspiring.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the sun had disappeared behind Black Mountain and the temperature fell to what would later become one of the coldest Canberra nights this year. I do wonder now in hindsight whether this glorious afternoon was, at least in part, a reason why BJ developed a little cold this past week. There is a downside to everything I guess.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous………..although I am bias !!
    Every photo so natural,full of love and happiness.
    Two of the best parents any little man could wish for.
    It makes me cry to see my precious grandson, all so perfect, arn’t we lucky?

  2. What a beautiful happy little boy!
    His Nanna’s pride and joy, I can’t wait to tickle him again.
    His mummy looks so proud of him in his little red coat.

  3. r and j and bj,
    these photo’s are just absolutely stunning…i’m so impressed and must get some copies!!! r, you look so beautiful. Love the boob feeding shots haha 😛
    This website is really well done guys, love it love it looooove it!!!!!!!!

  4. JP, all your photos are absolutely fantastic!!!! Soooo impressive!!!!! R, you look so gorgeous, love the breastfeeding ones too!! Can’t wait to see more!
    By the way… how do you feel about weddings? :)

  5. These are beautiful R & J, love the breastfeeding shots… xxx

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