Turning 0.5 (June 30th)

June 30th was the day BJ turned six months old and, since 0.5 birthdays don’t happen all that often, we decided to celebrate! RP spent much of the day cooking a birthday cake. It was quite a task since the cake was in the shape of a “1/2”. Yes, that’s right, with a one AND a stroke AND a two. The cake was green in colour and topped with blue, red, yellow and purple icing. Mini M&M’s were the finishing touch. It’s kinda funny that BJ doesn’t, at six months old, eat cake, yet a whole-lotta time was spent baking a whole-lotta cake that day.

Anyway, that night BJ was presented with the cake and a small present (a bath book). Not surprisingly, he was more interested in the wrapping paper than he was in the present itself; taking little time to shove as much paper into his mouth as possible. Soon after, he cried a little when he realised that the present itself didn’t taste like paper.

As for the cake, BJ was certainly intrigued, although I think moreso by the 30 candles alight on top (ok, so cutting a candle in half didn’t quite seem enough, so we just went all out). After the candles were out (with no help from the birthday boy), we decided to give BJ a little piece to mash into. We figured the textures of the cake and icing would be interesting, yet neither RP nor I had really considered the possibility (or probability) that the cake would eventually end up in his mouth. In fact, I think we had even discussed the fact that it was too sugary and sweet for him at this age. HA! More fool us, because within seconds, as if by primal instinct, that sweet sweet sugar passed over his lips and he was hooked. We didn’t, of course, let him swallow any. But that brief taste of sugar was enough to have him mouthing the table for more…

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  1. awwwwwww the cuteness of it all…. Bj is the luckiest boy in the world to have such beautiful parents!!! I want a 1/2 b’day hhehhaahehe

  2. Gorgeous cake gorgeous boy gorgeous photos! Love the paper eating one.. just like daddy

  3. Just loved them all. My favourite one is BJ crying at the thought of “no more cake on my tray”……parents can be so cruel. Looking forward to his first “whole” birthday, mmmm cake.

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