On the Hastings (July 6th)

Earlier this month RP, BJ and I travelled north to Port Macquarie to see Nanna R. For me, the trip was supposed to be about studying: taking advantage of the peace and quiet on the Hastings River to think and focus on the PhD. For RP and BJ, it was a wonderful opportunity to get away from home (and winter) and spend some quality time with Nanna R.

As for my studies, well….. there were too many photo opportunities to ignore and so I spent more time pressing the camera button than I did typing on the keyboard. Ohhh well, getting a great shot is never a waste of time in my opinion.  Thanks Nanna R for a wonderful weekend.

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  1. BJ and Neno look great. Port Macquarie certainly agrees with them. The weekend was just perfect with the 3 most precious people from interstate. Neno is looking forward to his little mate visiting again….maybe Ange Mona O’Hore could come too????

  2. mamwetto! Hi mammy… love the photos!!!! Caaaaaan’t stop laughing at yawning neno!
    Great photo’s as always JP. Best use of initials site eeeever :) haha

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